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A New Chapter Begins...

Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our team here at Waterfront Southport Hotel, our General Manager, Kevin Haygarth, who started at the beginning of February 2024. To give you a closer look at Kevin's background, vision, and aspirations for the hotel, we sat down with him for a lively chat.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your personal and professional journey? What experiences and roles led you to become the General Manager of the Waterfront Southport Hotel?


Kevin: "Certainly! I've been in the Hospitality Industry for over 30 years, starting my journey as a Chef and then transitioning into various management roles with Trusthouse Forte. Departmental management followed that in all areas including F&B, FOH, C&E etc. I also spent time in education teaching GNVQ, HND, NVQ learners. Following a period of General Management I became (via internal promotion), Director of European F&B, activities, and entertainment. I also had my own business for 5 years, however, as the pandemic shifted gears, it lead me to this exciting opportunity at Waterfront Southport Hotel."


Q: What was it about the Waterfront Southport Hotel that attracted you to take the position as General Manager?


Kevin: "I've known about this hotel for years, witnessing its growth and stellar reputation. The challenge of leading such a respected establishment was compelling to me. I thrive on challenges and enjoy being part of a team that's always pushing boundaries."


Q: Throughout your career, who or what has been your biggest influence or inspiration?

Kevin: "That's a tough one! I've drawn inspiration from various individuals and experiences, but overall, qualities like empathy, authenticity, and honesty have been my guiding principles. Procrastination has never been my style!"


Q: Can you share an interesting story or an important lesson from your career that significantly shaped your approach to hotel management?

Kevin: "Absolutely! One lesson that has stuck with me is the importance of understanding before seeking to be understood, as Stephen Covey puts it. This philosophy forms the foundation of my management style, always striving for win-win solutions, and always taking others into consideration."


Q: What are your top priorities for the Waterfront Southport Hotel during your first year as General Manager?

Kevin: "My priorities are clear: amplifying the presence of the Hotel in the local and wider area; developing the current operation and provide new and exciting products; enhancing the packages that we make available to guests, and on every occasion providing service excellence that makes our guest come back for more.”


Q: Looking towards the future, what is your vision for the Waterfront Southport Hotel? How do you plan to achieve this vision?

Kevin: “I envision our hotel as a premier destination venue that always comes to the front of the mind of people looking to stay in the area. A place where our guests become ambassadors and our teams are celebrated champions. We want to create a legacy where generations of families choose us for their stay."


We couldn't be more thrilled to have Kevin on board, steering the ship towards even greater success. If you're in the area, pop into the hotel to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Marine Lake, grab a coffee in our cosy lounge, or savour a delightful meal at the Waterfront Marina Restaurant. And don't forget to say 'Hi' to Kevin!


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